Quotes for academic editing

The more you do to bring your paper to completion before submitting it for editing, the less you pay your editor, and the better the end result will be.

When you contact me for a quote for your  job I will ask you to email me a mid-section chapter of your document, one that contains typical features of your entire paper. I will copy-edit this as a sample, give you a brief report of what the job appears to involve and an estimated cost.

I may adjust the final cost up or down once I begin the job, or at the end, according to:

  • the level of involvement you want me to have
  • the quality of your spelling and grammar
  • the inclusion of elements that do not appear in the sample
  • how much consultation you need.

If I need to do this, I will let you know beforehand if additional costs will apply to your job.

If you only need me to proofread your final draft I can give you a fixed total cost.

For more information or to ask for a quote please contact me.