Asking for a quote

To calculate a quote for your job I will ask you to email or send me part or all of your document. I can work with hard- or soft-copy manuscript. Although working digitally can be easier for exchanging files, it can take longer than hard-copy markup, and this will be reflected in your final costs.

For long documents, such as non-fiction books or post-graduate papers, send me a section that contains typical features of the whole document. I will do a test run on this sample, and give you a brief report of what the job appears to involve and an estimated cost.

I may need to adjust the final cost if there are elements in your document that do not appear in the sample, and if you you need more than routine consultation.

Although I will invoice you if you want me to send you the edited sample, I will deduct this cost from your final account if you have me work on the full document.

For a full structural edit on a fiction manuscript, I can only make an accurate assessment after seeing the whole work.

The more you do to bring your paper to completion before submitting it for editing, the less you pay your editor, and the better the result will be.

If you only need me to proofread your document I can give you a fixed total cost based on the sample you send me.

Please contact me if you want to discuss your job or ask for a quote.