What is an educational editor?

As an educational editor I aim to help you create user-friendly resources for students and teachers, to help keep your students engaged, and to enhance your institution’s reputation and branding.

I can mark up your draft training materials or use track changes on digital documents to suggest or make changes in language, grammar, logic, meaning, consistency, clarity of expression and presentation.

I can follow your house style, or help you to develop one. That is, I can help you to develop consistency of elements such as use of capitalisation, italics, quotes, headings, numbers and layout of lists and tables.

In editing education and training materials, I will consider:


  • Logical structure helps students learn by reducing cognitive load.
  • A clear hierarchy of meaningful headings helps students and teachers find information within course notes easily. This ensures the table of contents is a useful overview of the text.


  • A consistent and unified a set of student notes, particularly where there is more than one author, helps students understand and remember information through consistent presentation of textual elements.
  • Textual cohesion helps make content clear, so students can focus on meaning.
  • Consistency across all resources provided by a college or training institution facilitates students’ and teachers’ transitions from course to course.
  • A consistently recognisable style enhances the quality, credibility and visibility of your college or training institution’s brand.


  • A set of notes that stands alone as a complete text helps students revise or study from home.
  • Cross-references within the text ensure efficient use of information.
  • Instructions can be understood by students and teachers quickly and easily.
  • Permissions  and acknowledgement for externally sourced content ensures that legal requirements have been fulfilled.


  • Instructions written in plain English, with a semi-formal academic tone, reduce the cognitive load on students, allowing them to better focus on course content.
  • Simple and direct language for written instructions optimise learning by using.


  • Logical and accurate notes support learning.
  • Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar enhance the credibility of your course, as well as your college brand.

For more information or to ask for a quote please contact me.