Do I need an educational editor?

Contracting an independent editor to work on your learning materials has far-reaching benefits not only for your business, but also for your students.

Working with an educational editor you can:

Save time

Having a designated editor can free you up to work on other things without compromising the quality of your resources.

Delegating to an editor can also reduce the turn-around time for resource development, since they can focus on completing the job with no other distractions.

Improve accuracy

An editor working on your resources looks at them with an objective eye. The editor is able to spot errors and inconsistencies more quickly and easily than someone who has worked closely on writing the document.

Save money

Errors can be costly. A small error in a highly visible place can impact on the image of your brand, and can mean scrapping printed resources and having them reprinted.

Often an editor, rather than a designer, can bring greater polish to study notes, by identifying ways to reduce page numbers and by using Microsoft Word styling rather than distracting design elements. Make the most of your editor’s skills and avoid expensive designer’s fees.

Enhance your brand

An editor can work with you to help develop and consistently apply the style of your organisation’s brand.

Integrate documents that have multiple authors

An editor can identify changes in presentation and tone that different authors use. By making the language and appearance of a document or series of documents consistent, your users can engage with them more easily, enhancing their learning experience.

Satisfy your users

An editor can help make resources as user-friendly as possible, making sure that the language is clear and  the layout optimises readability.

The editor will also make sure that the content is complete, and inversely, that it does not confuse or over-tax users through unnecessary repetition or inconsistency.

Clear, accurate communication in educational and training resources makes learning easier, more enjoyable and less stressful for students who have so much to read.

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