What can your academic editor do for you?

Professional standards for academic editing

I follow the Institute of Professional Editors standards for copy editing and proofreading student research theses and dissertations.

Most importantly, students should note the IPEd delimiter that ‘the final responsibility for the integrity of the thesis’ remains that of the student.

An academic editor can:
  • correct your spelling, grammar, punctuation and language, for accuracy, clarity and consistency
  • cross check your referencing, bibliography and table of contents
  • make sure your layout and referencing complies with the faculty prescribed style
  • help you with presentation and consistency of layout, including headings, page numbering, table of contents, lists, figures and tables
  • comment on inconsistencies or lack of clarity in logic and meaning
  • comment on appropriate academic structure for essays, dissertations, reports and theses.
An academic editor cannot:
  • research your thesis
  • check your facts
  • rewrite your paper

If you are a student or a supervisor you can find important information about editing research theses on the IPEd website.

Desktop publishing

If you want me to lay out your document to include images or other visual elements I can do this as a separate desk-top publishing job using Microsoft Word once the editing job is complete.

Find out about working with your editor, choosing a service and professional standards for academic editing.