I’m inching closer to a completion on the book. Your contribution is most appreciated, so am sending you a big thank you.
John Ogden, author and publisher, 2016
Cyclops Press

just to let you know that my thesis submission went well. The work that you edited was great. My supervisor said that it read much better.
Pasoot Lasuka, PhD Candidate, 2015
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your time and your speed. I have a look through it quickly, and it looks better – thanks for pointing out about the numbering of the titles too.
And thank you so much that you have managed to make it to come under the estimate.
Pasoot Lasuka, PhD Candidate, 2015
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Thanks for your edit, it helped make a good book great.
Warren Henry, author, 2015

Thanks so much for your wonderful work. I hope I’ll be able to remember some of the grammar and tips you’ve shown me.
I feel as though you have really tightened up my writing and made it more mature.

Rhonda Ryde, author, 2015

I have had a quick look at your transcript: it is a marvellous thing, and an exemplar of the genre.
I would like to formally thank you for this work, and we will be sending you formal documentation in due course.

Richard Neville, Chief Librarian, Mitchell Library, 2015

Thanks for the blurb, and for waving your magic wand over it.
Rhonda Ryde, author, 2015

Thanks Brigitte. Your professionalism is highly valued.
Louise Melov, Manager – Publication Unit, August 2013
Navitas Professional and English Programs

What a wonderful deeply thought report. There are many good suggestions that I will follow. Regards and thank you.
Julie Janson, author, 2013

Thank you thank you thank you, Brigitte, for doing such a terrific job. I learned so much from you!
All the best to you as well!

Nell Carson, author, 2013

Brigitte is articulate, has great integrity and creative perceptiveness. She did well above what I expected of an editor in helping to restructure my writing into an intelligible paper.
Mark Eliott – Master of Fine Arts student, 2011
Owner, Mark Eliott Glass

Brigitte approaches each piece of work she undertakes with exceptional commitment. Her attention to detail is superb and she’s a delight to work with. I’d recommend her editing and proofreading services to anyone wanting an editor with a fine understanding of language, strong analytical tools and the ability to deliver a high-quality result.
Shelley Kenigsberg
Director, S K Publishing
November 1, 2011

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